My name is Peter Loadman and I am an executive coach.

I help leaders at all levels, in all types, shapes and sizes of organisation who struggle to achieve their potential and reach their goals.

My aim is to coach, support and enable leaders to be the leaders they want to be and be successful.


Creating space for leaders to reflect and develop the plans to push the business forward. Helping leaders to see new opportunities, uncover blind spots and face today’s challenges.

I will enable you to find new perspectives. The process will provide you with new energy and momentum. I will challenge you and enable you to see identify new options to move forward.

Using my business experience I will make recommendations and provide advice when, and only when, you request it.


I will not tell you how to run your business. I will not tell you how to do your job.

I will not judge you. I will not give you an easy way out  – I am not a tick box exercise.

I will maintain confidentiality at all time.


I coach leaders at all levels, in all business types and at all stages of evolution. Leading is often a lonely place and it is difficult to find anyone to talk to. Expressing concerns with subordinates may be perceived as weakness. You don’t want to bother your friends, family or partner.

Maybe you just need someone to listen to you for a change.


As a qualified executive coach with experience of coaching and working with leaders at all levels I provide the time and place and  the tools to enable you to (re)gain  perspective and to focus on the way ahead with real clarity and vision.

“Leaders convey an unwavering firmness and consistency in their actions, aligned with the picture of the future they paint.

The result: clarity of purpose, credibility of leadership, and integrity in organisation.”

Colin Powell


My Services

My coaching service starts after an initial free consultation where  

I will work with you to develop a programme that suits your needs.

The initial discussion is a fact finding process to understand what is going for you at present.

From there, a bespoke programme of services will be put together to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

One To One

A one to one meeting with me to understand where you are today, where you want to be and how you will get there. The sessions can be any length; depending on the topic, 15 minutes can be equally as good as 1 hour or 2 hours. It is whatever works for the client to ensure that they have clarity and are comfortable and committed to working on the way forward.

The sessions may be challenging and will always to be creative as possible to uncover the best solution for you. Please bear in mind, this is not counselling, this is coaching and is designed to help you to create your way forward, your future.

The periodic timing of the sessions will be dependent on the issue which you would like to cover. This will be agreed following the initial consultation although the flexibility to alter the timings is always there if necessary.

These sessions can be done using the full variety of communication media available today, face to face, telephone, internet and email.

Day Retreats

Quite often we do not get the time and space to reflect on what is really going on and step back from the intensity of the daily challenges. In the fast moving world of today with instant emails, immediate news it is too easy to become too insular and narrow minded focusing on a new crisis and putting out the next fire.

It is essential to reflect and see the wider picture, get back the thoughts of what you wanted to do when you set out, re-establish the goals. To obtain the right perspective on life it is a prerequisite to actually step outside, take a breath of fresh air to capture a clearer picture of where you want to be and how to get there.

With this in mind, I have created a day’s retreat programme which enables you to think, to challenge, to see things in a different, clearer way to detach yourself from the daily grind. It’s an opportunity to be thoughtful, be challenged, be creative, discuss and resolve your issues in a relaxed, agenda free environment.

The day retreat involves a series of one to one discussions which will help you to uncover what is really going on, enable you to work through the issues and, with a refreshed outlook, develop plans to move forward. Having spent the day away from the office, away from emails and constant distractions but being challenged in fresh ways and generating new realisations, you will return to work motivated and invigorated with the enthusiasm you had on day one.

Workshops & Programmes

Having understood the client needs through the initial discussions, I will prepare and agree with you a bespoke program of workshops on which we will work together to create and implement the right outcome for the organisation. Through my management consultancy and leadership roles I have presented and facilitated workshops focusing on organisation matters including strategic objectives, vision and mission setting, team effectiveness, motivation, coaching and leadership.

I am enthusiastic in keeping up with current thinking and research through attending webinars and personal research and will aim to make use of this at the sessions. The workshops can be held on your premises or an off-site venue. If travelling is an issue, then conference facilities can also be used. 

Power Days

An enormously motivating concept for individuals is to have their own coach. Power days enable businesses to invest in their people in a cost effective but extremely powerful manner. During a day at your premises I hold a series of one to one coaching sessions with a number of staff (5 to 6 in a day) to explore issues outside of the traditional line management structure.

This is relatively inexpensive way to enable your people to deal with issues such as career development, personal effectiveness, manage time more effectively or deal with business relationship matters.  It is convenient as it only involves individuals taking an hour away from their desk in a meeting room at your office, no off-site travelling, and minimal management time taken. Those involved come away with increased motivation and the business can see real return on their, relatively low, investment.

DISC Profiling Reports

DISC profiling is a tool used to help people understand themselves and those around them. It is a system that uncovers behaviour and personality traits to open up the doorway to communication. Far from labelling people in a manner which other personality assessments can do, DISC tells us a great deal about how we are motivated, what type of environment we prefer, how we achieve goals, our preferred way of communicating with others and how we like others to engage with us. DISC is also used for recruitment purposes and to help others understand each other to work better as team.

Following the completion of a simple questionnaire, I will create a bespoke report based on the results. The report will highlight your preferred behavioural style, how you adapt to the environment you are in, how you act under pressure and will highlight ways to develop your performance.

Once you have the clearer understanding of yourself which the DISC report provides, the coaching process can be continued to enable you to work with me on particular areas of development need.

This service is available for individuals to understand their strengths and, for instance, can provide a good indication of what career they may want to follow and the type of environment they would like to work in. Businesses can use DISC to identify the group culture of a team or the organisation as a whole and appreciate what behavioural styles the organisation is strong in or where there are potential gaps.


Given that the sessions and programmes put together are bespoke to meet your needs then there is no standard pricing. The pricing can be agreed following the initial free consultation For individuals, the relationship with me is based on a monthly retainer basis whereby a program of session(s) is established with additional email/ phone support where required and a monthly fee agreed accordingly.

The bespoke nature of the work with organisations dictates that a price will be agreed once the program of work has been proposed.

A point I think it is worth making is that I don’t believe in setting a session with a time limit on a therefore a price per hour. My experience has taught me that, depending on the issue and the nature of the client, a session can reap as much benefit if it takes 2 hours or 20 minutes. The value to you is in my expertise as a coach not the time that we set aside for your sessions.