What to Expect from an Executive Coach

 WHY am I an executive coach?

I am an executive coach. Leaders at all levels, in all varieties and size of organisation struggle to achieve their potential and reach their goals.

My aim is to coach, support and enable leaders to be the leaders they want to be and be successful.


WHAT do I do?

Creating space for leaders to reflect and develop the plans to push the business forward. Helping leaders to see new opportunities, uncover blind spots and face today’s challenges.

WHO do I coach?

 I coach leaders at all levels, in all business types and at all stages of evolution.

Leading is often a lonely place and it is difficult to find anyone to talk to. Expressing concerns with subordinates may be perceived as weakness. You don’t want to bother your friends, family or partner. Maybe you just need someone to listen.

HOW do I coach?

As a qualified executive coach with experience of coaching and working with leaders at all levels I provide the time and place and  the tools to enable you to (re)gain  perspective and to focus on the way ahead with real clarity and vision.


“Leaders convey an unwavering firmness and consistency in their actions, aligned with the picture of the future they paint. The result: clarity of purpose, credibility of leadership, and integrity in organisation.” Colin Powell